Wednesday, January 31, 2007

7 months?

Could it have been 7 months since I posted on this blog? How can time slip away so quickly?

We're still...... w a i t i n g to bring our baby home. The wait is hard - very hard. Some days we feel very much alone. We know the people around us, the people we love and share our time with, simply do not understand. But, of course, it wouldn't be fair to expect them too.

It's hard. Not too many people ask us about it anymore. And, when I bring it up, it's like the person I am speaking to doesn't know what to say. I don't get it? As important as it is to both of us, why do the people closest to us tend to shy away from the subject. I want to say, IT'S REAL PEOPLE, IT'S GONNA HAPPEN, HELLO ! ! ! ! And, so we wait - sharing our feelings only with eachother. There remains a special place in our hearts for the little one we know we'll be bringing home.

So today is my birthday! It didn't seem that way - but the calendar told me it was! ;) I just don't want to be 42! LOLThe gals are work were great. Yesterday, I had lunch with Sarah & Julie - Sarah made a batch of homemade blonde brownies that were to die for! It was great to see her. Of all my friends, Sarah always has been the one who at least tries to understands. I know that, because I feel she is the one I'll want to call right away!

Today - Gail bought me a beautiful ice cream cake from Dairy Queen! The remaining staff pitched in and bought me flowers - very, very pretty... and a sun catcher.My Dh took me to Smokey Bones for dinner. On the way home we bought some Hostess Ho Ho's for dessert! LOL Although he already bought me my Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer he surprised me with PHOTO SHOP tonight! I couldn't believe it. I am soooooooo excited.

I also received some priceless cards in the mail today - Tracey, Holly, Bonnie and Marian - they are the greatest! If you gals should ever stumble on my blog - YOU ROCK!

I am sure we'll celebrate with family this weekend.

Mom is in the hospital. She's been there since Friday. They lanced the infection Saturday morning, within no time she felt so much better. There's no telling just how long she's been living with the infection in her body. She has test today - an upper GI and a colinoscopy - we're awaiting those results. She's doing ok - seems to be ok with the hospital and her care. I'm sure her spirits with be up even more if my brother would take a moment out of his day to call her. He hasn't checked on her since last weeks. I've left messages with his wife and sent him e-mails. Some people are so self-absored. Sorry! Don't mean to down my brother - but it's a fact.

Work - Work is busy! We recently renewed our Day Care license. We passed! :-) We're good now for another 2 years. Although things are busy at the day care - we need to boost attendance. So, we're all working together to do just that! Summer Camp and Fall Pre-K plans are already underway! It's 11 pm - and I feel like I've written a book. Time to call it a night.