Thursday, June 29, 2006

Check this out!

Brian and I were out "browsing" tonight and found this fantastic caterpillar toy at Tuesday Morning's. It's a Mama's and Papa's toy! "Charlie" is eight kinds of fun! With eight colorful bean-filled legs, a squeaky head, crinkly antennae, and a flexible body, Charlie poses to fit any cuddle.

The best part of all - regularly priced from $21.99 - $24.99, he's marked down to $7.50!
Can you say .... BARGAIN? :D

Now we just need a baby to cuddle with "Charlie"!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Ok, so it's been a while. Just haven't felt like "Blogging".

Started reading Rick Warren's - The Purpose Driven Life. I'm only on Day 3 - but I love it! So glad I committed to it. I would recommend it to anyone.

Picked up my new vehicle on Saturday. It's a 2006 Plantinum Metallic Buick Rendezvous CXL - the thing is loaded. I am in love!!!!! Brian is really happy with his new car, too - 2006 Ford Fusion - it's VERY NICE. I've never known him to be this thrilled over a car!

No News on the adoption. As of yesterday - it was 12 weeks since we've heard a word out of them. Still hoping no news is good news? ! Some days I swear I am nesting. I've been getting things ready, one by one. Yesterday I put together a Fisher Price Travel Swing. Got a fantastic deal on it at the Fisher Price Toy Store. Here's a photo --->
Also purchased the Ocean Wonders Aquarium ---->

And...... the FlutterBye Seat (which we have at the day care and LOVE) ---->

A very nice friend of mine is a Toy Sculptor - she shared her employee discount and we went shopping when they were offering an additional savings. I got great deals. Even if I don't use them at my house - they are great for Gramma's house! Ya know?

So as we wait - ever so patiently - for the phone to ring, I am finally spending time getting things ready. I believe we're going to test out the carseat this weekend. Hmmm .. I should post a photo of that, too ... ;-) It is actually a travel system. I love it!
Sorry the photo is a tad blurry!

Friday, June 09, 2006


My brother called tonight looking for a photo of our grandpa, PaPaw. Apparently, he will be using it in his sermon for Sunday morning.

He's been gone since 1982. Although he played a very important part in our lives - and our salvation, so much time has passed that, I admit, somtimes I forget the ones who loved us and nurtured us. So, I started digging through old photos. I found a few - taken not too long before he passed. He was a great man - a Godly man who loved the Lord with all his heart and prayed diligently for his family every moment he could. My most vivid memories of PaPaw always include his warn out Bible. Thinking about him now, as an adult -- I am thankful to him for being the wonderful PaPaw he was.... and mostly for the prayers he sent up on behalf of his wonderful family - my grandmother, her 5 children, their spouses and 14 grandchildren. What memories we share in the foothills of Western Kentucky! God's Country, for sure.

Bad Headache Day!

Today was horrible! :( Now, I am the QUEEN of headaches - but the one I've been battling this week has been awful. I had no clue a headache could produce that amount of pain!!!
I didn't work - stayed home, in bed ALL DAY. Gosh, I hope it was a "freak" thing and never happens again. It was scary! It's much duller tonight - I dread going to bed, afraid it may be back in the morning.

The pool is open! Just need some sunshine to warm it up! I can't believe we opened it so late this year. I am so behind on everything - don't look at my landscaping. It's in desperate need of attention.

OK - so we decided to replace the patio in the back (the concrete is cracked and buckled) and replace that huge, old sliding glass door with french doors. I am hoping to get Stamped Concrete - if we can manage it. I hear it can get pricey.

Another very quiet week - no calls from the agency. I am praying - no news is good news!

I meant to post on Tuesday - but I was just feeling to crummy.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Look What I Did ... All By Myself ;-)

Here's the shelf I put together tonight.
It will hang above the changing table (it's a great match) .... perfect for diapers and diapering supplies, ya know?

Just Haven't Felt Like Bloggin......

Looks like it's been a few days. Perhaps I failed to "Blog" since nothing is really going on.

Still no decision on a vehicle. I love a Black Rendezvous we found - fully loaded. Very nice. But, the dealership still is not willing to give me what I need for my trade.

The Honda Odyssey is nice - very nice. But, Honda is offering me $4,000 less on my trade than any other dealership. Just not gonna give my truck away!

Brian has a new car! He traded his 2004 Focus for a 2006 Fusion. It's really nice!!!! He's so happy with it. And, supposed to be great on gas.

10 weeks ago today I heard from the agency. Since then ... NOTHING. Not sure if this is a good sign - or a bad sign. Still have the intuition the phone is gonna ring in June. . . keep prayin' everyone.

We purchased a really cute shelf to hang above the changing table. I put it together tonight. I'll post a photo! We also have a matching book case. I guess I am putting the nursery together - but in really small steps.

I am going to call someone for an estimate on replacing the HUGE slider in my living room with a pretty set of french doors. We also hope to replace the patio this summer.

Wednesday - we're opening the pool! It's about time!

I wish I had more news - nothing really - just waiting! :(