Thursday, January 31, 2008

My Birthday Cupcakes!

These are the cupcakes my nieces, Cortlynn and McKenna made for my birthday! I think they did a phenominal job, don't you? The best news, they tasted even better!!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Happy Birthday To ME!

Today is my favorite day of the year - my BIRTHDAY!
I'm getting older - that I do not celebrate. I celebrate because it's my day! The day my Mamma brought me into the world - the one day a year I can call mine! Some say I am just like a kid - but that's ok - it only happens once a year!

Not sure what the plans are for the day - but I am sure we'll be spending time with family.
My nieces were hard at work last night making me very special cupcakes. I understand they got pretty creative. I'll have to take pictures to share on my blog!

Thanks for the sweet comments in response to my last post! It is good to be back - and I am gonna try to take better care of this blog. . . . . .

Monday, January 28, 2008

Please Forgive Me!

I have seriously neglected my blog - and more importantly my blog friends. And, for that I am sorry. The sad part is - I can come up with a gazillion excuses, but really not one good reason. So, please, just forgive me.

I can't really complain. I am doing okay.

I'll admit - it took me a long time to get back up and brush off my pants after the failed match we experienced in September. To make matters worse- we hear nothing - nada - zilch- from our adoption agency. It is my opinion it stinks! Do they think adoptive parents need NO support? How much would it hurt to call once in a while - with agency up-dates and support? It's so hard because I like the agency so much.

We find we don't speak of the adoption on a daily basis like we used to. Just this week BT left me a note and in it he said "I've noticed you don't speak of the adoption anymore. You haven't given up, have you?". I am still searching for the right answer to that question.

Business is steady. But, we really need an increase! We're busy developing new plans and programs all the time. I really love my job - it's just time for some changes.

I've been sick. Shortly before Christmas, I started with sinus congestion, in January I developed a sinus infection and bronchitis. After a round of zithromax, I was still having problems - my throat would swell, causing a great deal of throat and ear pain. Next I took a round of prednisone. I am at the tail end of prednisone and still getting sore throats and headaches.

So, as you can see - there's really no big news to share. . . except that I am back and promise to be more faithful.