Monday, July 14, 2008

We Won A Gourmet Lunch!

Recently, I entered a contest on a local radio station website. The contest was for an "Office Break". The prize was food and dessert from a gourmet bakery. All I had to do to enter was tell them why our office deserves a break! I don't remember what I wrote, but it must have been good, because we WON!

Wednesday at noon, the Morning Show Host delivered lunch and dessert to me and my employees! The photo is of the morning show host and a few of our providers.

So fun!


As I looked around the nursery recently, I realized there is a lot of cuteness going on. So I decided to get "up close and personal" with the camera. I'll start by sharing "The Silly Ole' Bear" accessories. I think Pooh is grand! Can you tell ?

I bought the Classic Pooh Switch Plate many years ago, kept it stored in my "hope chest".

Photo Holder!

This print will hang on the wall above the crib.
It was a gift from one of my employees.

These are already hanging on the wall
as you walk in the room.

The many faces of Pooh! Mostly gifts
we received throughout the wait. Now you know
what I've been doing with my time - collecting Pooh Bears!
There can never be too much Pooh!

Classic Pooh Shape Sorter we picked up on one
of our many T A R G E T excursions.

This Baby Pooh is very special!
It was a Christmas gift for baby from my Dad.
He bought it after we announced we were adopting.
The denim hat was a gift from my sister!

An "up-close" view of the window treatments.
Somewhere on this blog you can see the whole window!

Handprint/Footprint Frames
Another great buy from T A R G E T!

Lamp/Bookends/Pooh Books
I had the bookends in my room when I
still lived at home with Mom and Dad.

Classic Pooh Night Light....
A gift from Uncle Jonathan and family!

More Pooh ................

And ..... plenty of Pooh Banks for College Fund! ;)

Turning 40 is fun!

When I turned 40, my dear friend, Tracey, made a sign so everyone in town was sure to know I had reached the BIG 40. Notice how she worded the sign, hoping to throw me off - thinking I wouldn't suspect her. I stored that sign for 3 years, knowing someday I would be given the opportunity to pay back the favor.

Recently, Tracey, turned 40. I was sure to replace the verbage on the sign. BT drove 60 miles to place it on her lawn! It didn't take her long to figure it out.

Turning 40 is fun! But good friends are even more fun! :-)

PS If you click on the sign you can see the details of all the little critters much better!

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Ordinary Miracle

I am so pleased! The song "Ordinary Miracle" keeps running through my head. Particularly the part that says "It seems so exceptional, That things just work out after all, It's just another ordinary miracle today".

It's been a very long week. Dad was admitted to ICU after a long ER visit. The infection spread to his blood stream and quite possibly bone. He has tested positive to M*R*S*A and C*Dif. Things were NOT looking good. We were actually given the impression he was not going to come out of it. I won't go into the details of how horribly depressing it's been. I will say we were preparing for Dad to pass in the very near future. One day he came to and had an emotional breakdown. He cried so hard, he was giving up the fight and wanted us to all know he loved us.
I didn't know my heart could hurt so bad.

BUT... he has since advanced to the "ICU Step Down Unit" ... and we're seeing improvement.

It was not only a shock to us, but to the hospital staff as well. He's alert, talking, even asking for ice cream (now that's my Dad)! I fed him apple juice yesterday. Although I had use a stick with a small sponge at the end, he managed to take about 2 ounces.

Mom and I met with Dr. B yesterday afternoon. Mom needed to make a decision regarding surgery. Option 1: NO surgery. The bed sore would not go away (ever), eventually it would cause complications leading to death. Option 2: Proceed with surgery to debrine the bed sore. There are some risks. Healing process would be very slow, and could take up to 6 months (or more). He would return to rehab. Mom is opting for surgery. I imagine it will be soon, as they called today for consent.

He is showing minor irregularities in his heart rhythm, therefore they are keeping a close eye on that. He is still testing positive to M*R*S*A and C*Dif. Still very confused, however we see very small indications that may be getting better. Dr. B does not feel his cognitive problems are permanent. I continue to prayer he is correct. And I continue to be thankful for God's continued intervention.

A few short days ago, Dad was on the brink of death. I can't explain how it felt to walk in the room, expecting the worst and instead have him turn his head, look at me and start talking- WHO CARES IF HE MADE ANY SENSE! ;-) To see nurses who cared for him during the darkest hours come to his room just to see it for themselves is yet another gentle reminder how God works.

Dad is not out of the woods. The surgery itself presents some risks. The next several days will determine so much more. But I can tell you there is a difference. And for that, we are so grateful.


Click below to view the video "Ordinary Miracle":

Ordinary Miracle