Saturday, October 25, 2008

Pay it Forward!

I have been TERRIBLE about keeping up with my blog and for that I apologize.
Sept. 25, I signed up to play "Pay it Forward!" on THE HARR FAMILY BLOG and I received this from Kim:
I was so deeply touched when I opened the package! Kim, it was so truly sweet and kind. I am just sorry it took me so long to express my gratitude for such a wonderful gift from the heart. I plan to keep the note for our baby book. Thank you so much! Unfortunately, when I went back to see who may have signed up in response to my posting of Pay It Forward, I was unable to find the post. But, I love the concept and plan to make up for it. I'll post what I do!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Finally Feeling A Little Better

I felt better today - Not great - but BETTER! :-)

It was a great day - warm and sunny! Hard to believe exactly 2 years ago we were hit by the October Storm. One solid week with no electric - no heat. Those of you from WNY must recall?

Sorry I've been MIA

It was a very long week because I Feel Sick!

I tried to let it "run it's course" but by Thursday morning, I had enough and felt horrible.

I called the doctor, hoping this time she'd call me in a prescription. Nope! But she did say "come right in".

"Wow!", she says, "You came in just in time"! Just in time for what, pray tell?

"Sinus Infection"

"Right Ear Infection"



* sigh *

Friday, October 03, 2008

Hey Girl! What's going on?

I received an email from a friend today. It said "Hey Girl! What's going on?" I wasn't surprised as we haven't had a chance to talk in a while. I thought, "Yeah, what is going on?" Once I starting thinking I realized there is much more going on than I thought. Just thinking about it exhausts me.

Work is .... busy. Not that we have an overabundance of children. But the families we have keep us hopping! I am working steadily to prepare for our upcoming license renewal. All paperwork must be in by Dec. 02. In preparation, I realized just how much had piled up since I needed to be away so often for my Father's sake. So, I take a few evenings a week to work in the office, organizing mostly. In addition, we took the summer off of training, so we're busy planning and taking classes.

Speaking of Dad. He continues to have good and bad days. His good days are usually REALLY good and is bad days are usually REALLY bad. My most recent meeting with the house doctor didn't go so well. "Your Dad is a very, very sick man with many complications. I wish I could tell you exactly what is wrong, but I do not know. There are just so many issues and it appears his body is breaking down. We can do all we can to keep him comfortable . . . blah, blah, blah". He told me Dad was non-responsive and refusing food and fluid. That was on a Wed. On Saturday, we sat in his room while he enjoyed a W.ENDY's F.ROSTY. He was so chatty, it was as if we were sitting in his living room at home conversing. There was no confusion and he asked alot of sensible questions. It just doesn't make sense.... no sense at all.

At home I am working hard to gets things done while we still have a little nice weather.
The pool is closed and the yard is cleaned up for winter. Inside, I am trying to clear out and organize. We have a painter lined up to come in and continue painting where we left off when Dad took ill. We're also getting estimates for attic insulation. It's a must this year.
Once all that is done, I'll have the carpet cleaners come in. Thankfully, if I stay on schedule, I can get it all done before the holidays.

We have family coming in from Indiana tomorrow. My mom's sister and her husband are coming to spend 2 weeks. It is going to be so awesome, for Mom especially. All our extended family live out of town so it's rather exciting when some visit. Vincent, my nephew, is also coming home from college (P.urdue).

BT and I are doing great. He and his brother recently took a road trip to B.altimore for a O.rioles game. They loved it, naturally. He went to T.rader J.oes and brought back some fun stuff.

BT's working a lot of crazy hours. This week has been especially busy with his TV station and the T.ime W.arner negotiations. For those of you who reside in the B.uffalo area, you know what I am talking about.

We'll be celebrating our 7th Anniversary this month! Not sure how we're celebrating; but I am sure we'll find something fun to do.

At the end of the month we're planning to go to the S.teven C.urtis C.hapman and M.ichael W. S.mith "U.nited" concert. It's only an hour drive to the auditorium where they are performing. . and just a skip across town his Mom's. I am very excited!

I had my first ever visit with my new (and wonderful!) endocrinologist. I told my primary care doctor I was looking for an endo who actually sees his patients and takes the time to listen. She sent me in the right direction! He, alone, gave me a good 30 minutes (perhaps more) of his time. No nurses, no PA's .... just good old doctor's care. I dig it! ;) I feel like I am in good hands and hope the changes he is making will work out for me.

No news to share regarding the adoption. One day at a time... right?
Just knowing we're being shown and so close is enough comfort to keep me going and give me hope. God is good. Soon, everyone...soon! :-)

Wow.. that was a mouthful. I need to return to my never ending cleaning spree!

So tell me, "What is going on with you?"
Hoping to get some interesting replies.