Saturday, February 16, 2008

God's Promises

One of the daily devotionals from J o e l O s t e e n touched my heart this week.
I thought I'd post it on my blog... as a reminder to me ... and hopefully many of you who are waiting.


Today's Word

Is there something you are believing God for? Does it seem like it’s taking a long time to come to pass? Be encouraged today! The Bible says that through faith and patience you will inherit the promise. You can trust that God’s Word is true. Submit your prayers to the Lord, and keep an attitude of faith and expectancy. Keep asking. Keep seeking. Keep knocking on the door, and it will be opened to you. It may seem like it’s taking a long time, but know this: God is working behind the scenes on your behalf. He is orchestrating things in your favor. He is perfecting whatever concerns you. Don’t give up! Start thanking God for His faithfulness in your life. As you stay faithful in your prayers and thanksgiving, the Lord will move mightily on your behalf. He’ll take you places that you’ve never dreamed, and you will live the life of victory He has in store for you!

For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened” (Matthew 7:8).

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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day. . .

I love Valentine's Day - it's so simple and sweet! The children at day care had a great time. Lots of goodies and sweets. BT brought me roses, a card and Tic Tacs!

I'm doing pretty good with maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle. Although I am getting in my walks (20 minutes/day 5-7 times a week), drinking water, taking vitamins, etc.. I am struggling with healthy food choices. However, I am rather proud of my accomplishment to avoid artificial sweetners. I miss them, but I am doing ok. I met a Health Care Counsultant at the mall tonight (while out walking) who told me the best thing I could do to help control my blood is to take cinnamon capsules. She was very knowlegable and helpful. I find it interesting how sometime God conveniently places just the right people in our path.

On the Adoption: I spoke to our cw on Monday morning. BT and I have been tossing about the idea of keeping the baby home for the first year or so. With his latest job change, although the hours are awful and the TV station is taking advantage of him, it will be possible. She suggested we make the change in our profile. But, she also told me that it really hasn't been an issue. She said they (the agency) and bmoms have found it to be a positive thing that I would be right there at the day care.

But now ....there's a possibility things may be changing at Day I am not sure we should make the change just yet. I've had some possible business opportunities the past few weeks. I won't get into them this early on. There are a lot of questions to be answered and kinks to be ironed out. If you are a prayful person, please keep this in your prayers.

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord “plans to prosper you and not to harm you plans for hope and a future.” (Jeremiah 29:11, NIV)

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Sunday, February 10, 2008


Tomorrow is THE DAY -

I've made a commitment to change my way of life, starting tomorrow (2/11).

I need to be a healthier ME ... and only I can make it happen. But, my dear blog readers, I will need your support.

I am promising to walk 5-7 times a week. . . eat healthy . . . drink water . . . take vitamins . . . NOT consume artificial sweetners (I'd kill for a diet Pepsi right now). . . get the appropriate amount of sleep . . . and pray more!
Let it begin..... Anyone care to join me?
"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" Philipians 4:13
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Saturday, February 09, 2008

I've Been Tagged!


I've been tagged by Colette!! Please visit her at

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7 Random or Weird Facts About Me:

1. Spiders scare me! I scream and yell for Brian! If he's not home, I am in big trouble.

2. I am a night owl.

3. Unlike Colette, I love to be alone! I love being with BT just as much - but my alone time is wonderful, too!

4. I always wear socks!

5. I hate getting my haircut!

6. I will not leave the house without a shower first!

7. I love to talk on the phone.


I am tagging:

1. Anne . . . . . . .

2. Camille . . . . .

3. Dale . . . . . . . .

4. Kathy . . . . . .

5. Mandy . . . . .

6. Ragan . . . . . .

7. Robin . . . . . .

BONUS: Stephanie . . .

Thursday, February 07, 2008

A Welcomed Call From Our Agency

Tuesday morning, I woke to the sound of the telephone ringing. I missed it. Immediately, my cell rang. This time I got to it on time. On the other end was the adoptive parent caseworker for our agency. The call was short, simple and sweet. But ... of course welcomed.

She asked "IF I had a situation where the birthfather is "unknown", would you and Brian be okay with it". Of course, I said "Yes"! It caught me by surprise because there have been other similiar situations in the past and she knew then we were ok with it. I am thinking they must have to ask each time, since it does say "Little or No Birthfather Risk" in our preferences.

Although she worded it with a big "IF" it was pretty clear she is currently working on a situation and will be showing our profile.

I promised myself I WOULD NOT get too hopeful. Yeah, right....
I am doing better than in the past, but of course it's in the back of my mind. And, in a way it pulled me out of th slump where I was not allowing myself to think like an waiting adoptive Mommy.

What a mix of emotion.

I may and may not hear more from her. But, it can't hurt to pray - and ask for your prayers!

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Chocolate Cake & Wellness!

It's nearing midnight, I am exhausted, but waiting for a chocolate butter cake to come out of the oven! Tomorrow is my business partner's birthday so I am making her a delicious cake! She loves my creamy, butter frosting.

Today was a long, long day. I woke up with horrendous back pain on Saturday. Literally nursed it all weekend and I am still in pain. So, I went to the chiropractor today. He got good movement, but the pain is still pretty bad. The spine doctor gave me a prescription, which is helping better than the over-the-counter remedies I was trying. I also found out the insurance company approved my lumbar MRI and Physical Therapy. Next step, call to make the appointments.

We had staff training tonight. The class was on "Wellness". I found it very interesting and learned a few new things. For one, I need to eat healthier (although I make better choices than the majority of the women in the class) and cut back on artificial sweetners.
Second, I need to get more exercise, at least 20 minutes a day, 5 - 7 days a week. Third, Vitamin D, Magnesium and Acidophilus would be very good for me. Fourth, I need to make some changes and take care of me!!

Somehow it's now 1:30 AM - I am off to bed. Tomorrow, I'll post about the phone call that woke me this morning.