Sunday, January 03, 2010

2010 Photo Challenge

I heard about the Photo Challenge, which involves posting a photo everyday for the entire year. What a great way to encourage me to keep up on my blog.

Being that today is the 3rd day of the year, I'll post 3 to make up for lost time.
And, I challenge all my blogger friends to join in.... it's not too late.

Samuel at home on New Year's Eve:

Saturday, January 2 ... Daddy, Samuel & Jaxon in Lakewood:

Sunday, January 3 . . . Samuel sleeping after a very long day with Mamma:


Ragan said...

Samuel is getting so big Pep! I started a Project 365 blog this year too: I joined a group on the photography forum that I frequent and they have weekly themes. I don't know if I'll always stick to the theme though because I'd really rather shoot pictures of my kids.

LL said...

what a great idea! I might give this a try but with me waking up at 3 am to go to work, it might be tough. I am pooped!