Friday, January 08, 2010

Oh well...

Let's face it.... since my baby boy came into the world, I've become the world's worse blogger.

To help make a difference, I tried a DAILY PHOTO CHALLENGE. I failed.

Oh well.. sorry Blog Buddies.

I hope you still love me?


LL said...

I love you!

Did you get access to my blog?I sent you another invite.

Ragan said...

Too funny Pep! At least you tried, right? I was looking forward to seeing lots of pics of little Samuel, but you'll just have to post them when you can. I'm sure I wouldn't be keeping up with my pictures if my kids were any younger.

Melba said...

I know. I thought for one second about trying to do that challenge, but even with the amount of pictures I take I realized it wasn't going to happen! Time certainly does fly once there is a baby in the house!!



Becky said...

I so know!!!

Tammy said...

Hey Pep! I haven't been around for awhile, just catching up! What a sweet boy you've been blessed with... congrats to your family. And I totally get how that is more important than ANYTHING else. Take care!